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Which Should We Choose? Nexus 7 or iPad

2012 July 3

What’s the best tablet? iPad probably be the answer for some days ago, but now, it’s hard to get the answer. As the new tablet , Nexus 7 from Google is also great. So which should we choose if we want to buy the best tablet, the iPad or Nexus 7? and what’s the difference between iPad and Nexus 7? and Nexus 7 better or iPad better?

Actually, before we buy it, we’d better to make a comparison between iPad and Nexus 7.

For iPad, the new version of  iPad is New iPad, which was released on March 16 this year, the most obvious change on New iPad is the retina display, which make the display resolution up to 2548×1536 pixels. So it’s easy to get pleasure from New iPad when we are watch full HD movies on it.

For Nexus 7, which is a tablet from Google, was just announced on 27 Jun. , and which has been regarded as the best powerful rival for iPad by many of us, just as it can allow you to sync iTunes music to Nexus 7, and then use on other Android devices, and a good news for those who like to watch movie, video, music videos, listen music on Youtube and upload videos to Youtube, the built-in Youtube app on Nexus 7 will make these become more easy.

So what’s the difference between iPad and Nexus 7 ?

Exactly, New iPad runs the A5X 1GHz dual core processor, and the quad core graphics processor,  the space of RAM on New iPad is 1GB,  the storage on New iPad are different from different version, they are 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. And the never changed 9.7” display size so far. However, they all support Wi-Fi, and they all has another version for suppoting 4G LTE from AT&T and Verizon cellular.

But for Nexus 7, which runs the Tegas 3 1.3GHz quad core processor, and NVIDIA GeForce 12 core GPU, the RAM space is the same as New iPad, which has the version of 8GB and 16GB. The display size onf Nexus 7 is 7 inch with 1280×800 pixels resolution. Which support Wi-Fi and NFC.

And other difference between Nexus 7 and New iPad is Nexus 7 has just own a 1.2MP front camera, but the New iPad has a 5MP rear-facing camera and a 0.3 MP camera. And Nexus is powered by Jelly Bean (Android 4.1), New iPad is powered by iOS 5 , but which can be update to iOS 6, the new version of iOS, in the near future.

So you may have got the answer that it is obvious that Nexus 7 is better than iPad if we leave the retina display and rear camera away, because Nexus 7 has a better CPU, powerful GPU and NFC supported, and the iPad is better on the contrary, as which will be bring us a better experience for watching full HD movies, shooting photos and recording videos with iPad.

At last, if  we are going to buy a tablet, which one should we choose, Nexus 7 or iPad?

I think we should choose Nexus 7, as which is much more cheap than New iPad, the 8GB version of Nexus 7 is only $199, and the 16GB version of Nexus 7 is only $249 from Google Play. And we can enjoy from Youtube easily on Nexus 7, and the most important is we are not need to worry about that how to sync purchases music from iTunes to Nexus 7 , as the Music Manager for Nexus 7 will be easy to transfer music from iTunes to Nexus 7, and even we can transfer them to other Android devices for enjoyment.

So Nexus 7  is worth to buy.


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