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Comparison on HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S 3

2012 April 18

According to Samsung’s  “Come and Meet The Next Galaxy” news,  almost all rumors are start to believe that the next Galaxy is just  the long  rumored Samsung Galaxy S 3, and now the Galaxy S 3 hardware specifics are revealed on BGR,  and it indicated that the Samsung Galaxy S 3 will be the official device of this year’s summer Olympics, so now it is no doubt that why Samsung will unveil its next Galaxy on 3rd, May, as this is just the reason. With all of these you may find that it is reasonable for  Samsung Galaxy S 3 to become the best smartphone in 2012 if there will not iPhone 5, but actually, there is a HTC One X, which is also a flagship smartphone , and its wonderful specifics have attracted most people now.  So it will not so easy for Galaxy S 3 to become the best smartphone in 2012, and now we have to do something to campare these two flagship smartphones from different manufacturers to make people to know what’s differences between them, the HTC  One X and Samsung Galaxy S 3.

HTC One X Specifics

As the most famous quad core smartphone, the HTC One X  is become the best smartphone so far, despite there still exist the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S 2 or the latest smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy Note. The most reason is which has a Tegra 3 quad core processor, a 1GB RAM and a 8MP main camera, and the 720p HD  4.7” display, the most interesting feature about HTC One X  is the latest Image Sence combined with HTC One series smartphone, also including the HTC One X, that  make HTC One X have a powerful camera function, nothing less than the legendary camera phone Nokia 808 preview.

Except for the excellent specifics, the exquisite design on HTC One X is also a key feature for why HTC One X is so good.

Samsung Galaxy S 3 Specifics

Certainly, the glaxy S 3 specifics here is not come from official, the rumored Samsung Galaxy S 3 will have a 1.5GHz quad core Exynos processor and a 1080p HD 4.8 inch display, the same camera with HTC One X, 8MP main camera and 2MP front camera, and Samsung Galaxy S 3 designed with 4G LTE.

So the most difference between HTC One X is obviously the  different display, the Samsung Galaxy S 3 display resolution up to 1080p, but HTC One X is 720p, and another difference between HTC One X and Galaxy S 3 is the LTE version of  HTC One X is a dual core CPU, as the Tegra 3 processor can’t support LTE stably so far. And none big difference between HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S 3 except for the combined Image Sence 4.0 on HTC One X, which can immensely improve the camera function for HTC One X with its  unique image chip together.

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