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iPhone 4S VS Samsung Galaxy Note 4G LTE

2012 February 3

There’s no doubt that Samsung and Apple are become the most famous smartphone manufactures in the world now,before is LG,but now it has dropped from that position.And we all can easily find that Samsung has a faster products updating speed than Apple,no matter on smartphones or tablets, we are not sure how the future on smartphones among Android Phone,iPhone and Windows Phone,but now the Android Phone and iPhone are the most powerful smartphones,especially the Samsung Android smartphones are got a huge success on sales last year, so it is reasonable to regard  Samsung as the leader of Android Phone.And its latest smartphone Galaxy Note 4G LTE release date will be on 19 February,which is announced on this CES in Las Vegas, so most people believe it will be a strong competitor to iPhone 4S,in order to make people to know more about the details about them,the next will be a comparison between iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Note 4G LTE in this blog article.

iPhone 4S VS Galaxy Note

iPhone 4S is the most popular smartphone in United States, there are many of aplications around it,like itunes,and many other apps and games based on iOS,which showed that it is not only iPhone 4S get much profit from its sales,but also it create a new industry around iPhone 4S,and that makes many companies loyal to  develop apps for iPhone 4S,because they can get much money by this way.But as the Android Phones , Samsung smartphones ,HTC smartphones,Motorola smartphones are not the gainer from Android OS apps ,that means they are not the ability to keep an industry like Apple,so this is also the difference between iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Note 4G LTE.

As a new smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4G LTE must bring you a big supprise that it owns a 5.3” huge display with a super AMOLED technology, which is just a  little small than a 7” tablet,I even have no way to imagine what should I do with it.But the iPhone 4S is keep a general screen size,which is 3.5”,I don’t think a bigger display will be a good choice for people,although I am not sure whether it will be the trend for the future.So with the amazing massive display,I think  the Smasung Galaxy Note 4G LTE is just suit to those who are need to handle special tasks.

From other features on iPhone 4S and Galaxy Note, it must bring you some glad things that Galaxy Note has a higher configuration than iPhone 4S,which will be the spots to attract you.

The first, Galaxy Note runs a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU more better than iPhone 4S’ s 1 GHz dual-core A5,and its RAM is double as iPhone 4S has.Its display resolution is 800×1280 pixels.much better than 640×960 pixels of iPhone 4S,this will be the most interesting thing for those like watching movies and playing games on smartphone.

Second,the Samsung Galaxy Note will run on the AT&T’s 4G LTE network,but Apple’s iPhhone 4S is just work on 3G network,so with the higher network connection capability,Galaxy Note seems more better than iPhone 4S.

At last,it is sure that Galaxy Note 4G LTE runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS,not like Galaxy Nexus runs the latest new Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich.And we can know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4G LTE is special made for enterprises,So there will be not so big effects to iPhone 4S on sales, although it has some better features than iPhone 4S.

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